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The Newest Crypto Coins

New cryptocurrencies are common. Sometimes it seems that every self-respecting crypto enthusiast wants to launch his coin. Let’s try to figure out which new cryptocurrencies in 2021 are the most promising.

New Cryptocurrencies with Potential

New digital assets have different features:

  • NSFW, based on the description, is used to buy adult NFT tokens.
  • GCAT runs on DeFi contracts and aims for a total of 999 million coins, but they will then be burned at regular intervals until only 1{b71134cd71e05ae7120f8e61aa5508b688bf1f18bdf63944e281cfe2549227c9} remains.
  • Internet Computer (ICP) allows users to participate in the blockchain network of the same name. The cryptocurrency entered the top ten by market capitalization right after its launch in May 2021.

All of these are very new projects, so it is difficult to predict which of them are worth paying attention to, let alone which ones to invest in. However, analysts remain optimistic about the ICP. For example, the Wallet Investor portal predicts that it will reach $882.98 over the next year, and also believes that the coin has the potential to reach $3659.45 over the next five years. read more

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