Steampunk Fantasy

The Aetheric Artifacts and Aetheric Enclave are steampunk fantasy adventure series set in 1892 Victorian London with science, mythology, and dreadful puns. Meet Demetra Ashdown - a half-daemon with the power to locate devices empowered with aetheric energy, Lord Francis Winterton - the gunslinging nobleman who broke her heart, and Simon Warom - the tinkering apothecary and Demetra's best friend, and follow their exploits with food and fiends, not to mention spiffy exploding accessories. 
The Aetheric Artifacts Trio, by J. M. Lee

Reader Remarks

"So far I keep thinking this is 'Warehouse 13' meets Sherlock Holmes!"

"Because I'm older, I feel it's like 'Wild, Wild West' meets Sherlock Holmes, what with Francis and his preference for the flap and furl of American leather.  Great read!"

"You've made a loveable tinkerer character." (Simon Warom).

"Demetra is such an awesome character. It's funny how she reminds me of my son at times. With her schedule and not understanding the need for niceties. Just the way she really doesn't understand people but still does a good job "fitting in". Some people wonder about her but she sticks to convention just enough to keep them from exploring to much." 

"I am sure that readers who enjoy Steampunk fantasy will find this to be a most engaging story with plenty of action and very amusing characters who battle fireballs and other mayhem." ~ Long & Short Reviews

The Chronos Clock: Aetheric Artifacts, Book One

The Chronos Clock was an OmniLit/ARe category (sci-fi/fantasy) bestseller (under Musa Publishing), was voted a Top 10 Finisher for Best Steampunk Novel in the 2013 Preditors & Editors Readers Poll, and voted one of Goodreads' Best Unknown Steampunk books.

In 1892 Victorian London, Demetra Ashdown is a half-daemon with the ability to locate and draw Aetheric artifacts to her. When her former fiancé’s valet is held hostage and will only be released in exchange for a device with the power to control time, she must act quickly to save a man’s life. Armed with only her razor-edged fan and equally sharp wit, she feels it is her duty to ensure that the potentially-devastating device does not fall into the wrong hands.

In addition to this dilemma, she must determine if she both trusts and loves the man to whom she was once betrothed. Lord Francis Winterton not only broke her heart, but also appears to have betrayed her to the ruthless people in search of this powerful artifact. With close friend and inventor Simon Warom at her side, Demetra begins her adventure: the hunt for the clock that will save the life of the valet, and thus prevent Francis from transgressing the limits of fashionable good taste.

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The Daemon Device: Aetheric Artifacts, Book Two

Saving the world from power-obsessed madmen is all in a day’s work for half-daemon artifact hunter Demetra Ashdown. It’s her potential mother-in-law who proves most vexing.

Yet, Demetra is determined to charm her, even if that means a journey around the world for answers to the most perplexing questions, such as what is the difference between infernals, like herself, and celestials, like her fiancé, Francis? Can they marry, despite being from disparate bloodlines? And just how much lemon cake does it take to keep Demetra happy?

Whether by railway, steamer, or airship, Demetra and Francis will not rest until they can allay Lady Winterton’s concerns about their union. Nor will they realize the unimaginable discovery or danger to which their inquiries will lead until a chance meeting leads to a long overdue reunion…

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The Engima Engine: The Aetheric Artifacts, Book Three

Aetherals are disappearing, and Demetra's half-sister is among the missing. It's up to her and her friends to figure out who is kidnapping them and why, in this conclusion to the Aetheric Artifacts series.

There also remains the question of whether or not Francis's mother will permit their wedding, or continue to fight it. However, what Lady Winterton has to say on the matter will startle even the unflappable Demetra.

In the midst of astonishing family revelations, Demetra must once again form a difficult alliance with a certain government official to solve the riddle of the aetheral abductions, as well as dodge the advances of a handsome Scotland Yard detective, and answer the perennial question: is there ever a wrong time to eat cake?

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The Gilded Gun, An Aetheric Artifacts Prequel

Before she was the icy, jilted ex-fiancée in The Chronos Clock, Demetra Ashdown was very much in love with Lord Francis Winterton, who was just as smitten with her.  So why did he have to fight so hard to win back her affections three years later?  Because of the infamous incident with “the gun”.

A half-infernal – one of the races of Aetherals – the hunt for Aetheric artifacts is Demetra’s obsession in life.  And Francis is not sure he can accept the dangers inherent in her work, especially when he almost loses his beloved to a family heirloom.

This short story prequel offers a peek of a young and carefree Demetra, her engagement to Francis, the event that drove them apart, and one too many avian analogies.

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