Steampunk Erotica

Welcome to St. Eden's School for Young Ladies, a very special academy devoted to training submissives and slaves in a steampunk, dystopian world. In this world of gears and erotica, politics and BDSM, the students are embroiled in more than just the search for the right Master to serve...

Clockwork Courtesan, St. Eden's School for Young Ladies, Book One

Revenge. It’s what Adette Johnstone has been thinking of for years in the bleak world that is a dystopian, neo-Victorian Los Angeles. Now the one person she trusted – the woman who took her in, cared for her, and educated her – has placed Adette in the hands of a murderer. Adette must seduce Icharus DeVille, the man she blames for her mother’s death, or risk punishment for defying the headmistress.

As she treads a dangerous line between personal duty and desire, unsure of the headmistress's grand plan, Adette will need to use all her wiles to avenge the loss of her mother, and keep from losing her own heart.

*Warning: This story may trigger survivors of sexual assault*

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Clockwork Submissive, St. Eden's School for Young Ladies, Book Two

Strength. It’s what Violet Morningside has never shown, but it turns out the headmistress has a very special patron in mind for “the sweetest little submissive at St. Eden’s”.  The problem is the man she has matched Violet with is as cold as the Alaskan wilderness in which he lives.

When the pampered southern belle is sent to serve the exiled president, Dr. Nicolai Ferros, she learns the meaning of “roughing it” – both in and out of the bedroom. And she discovers strength comes in many forms.
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Clockwork Lover, St. Eden's School for Young Ladies, Book Three

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Love. It’s what Azure Morningside never expected. Self-preservation is paramount, and anyone who dares ask for more is a fool in her eyes. So when the headmistress pairs the hard-hearted courtesan with a demanding soldier Azure once loved, her only option is to keep him from breaking her heart again.
Soon Azure learns everything is not what it seems with her former beau, Captain Jackson Fortner. The boy who courted her years ago is not just a soldier in the Regime Army and therefore her enemy, but now a man with a dangerous and daring plan that will change the world in which they live. While Azure cannot help but feel betrayed by the choice Jackson made when they were teenagers, she also cannot change the fact that she is still very much in love with him…
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