Fantasy Fiction

A gothic tale in three acts...

The Medical Society requests the pleasure of your company as it presents the journals of the esteemed vampire and physician, Dr. Dunham. These brief entries chronicle his theories and observations of his immortal progeny, Miss Harper Marwick, and her descent into despair.  

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Jinx: (n) a person, thing, or influence supposed to bring bad luck

Small-town life suits Jinx Jennings... until the night she meets Griffin and learns the truth about her parentage.  Suddenly, she's dealing with strange new abilities that are more of a curse than a blessing, a too-affectionate guardian who was only supposed to be a one-night stand, and some very determined deities.  Can Jinx learn to survive in this strange new world, or will her mysterious power be her undoing?

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Courtesan ~ Secret Agent ~ Tea-drinker

Courtesan and gunslinging government agent, Saville Cantall has just been thrust into an untenable position. She has been ordered to work as bodyguard to the woman who just replaced her as the king’s mistress.

Frustrated by, not just the situation, but her own tenuous place in society, Saville finds her problems compounded by the question of who would want to harm the king’s new mistress.

Over the course of the summer, she learns that time is running out to stop a war, learn the secret of her magickal abilities, and fend off two persistent suitors…while somehow still finding the time to sit down for afternoon tea.

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Abide by the laws of Faerie if you ever want to make it back home...

"No faerie has ever given me a reason to believe in them, and you are definitely a credit to your twisted, duplicitous, endangered little race.”

Nine years ago Khiara committed a grave offense against the fae, a crime for which she is destined to pay the price.  When a faerie prince intent on revenge returns to seek retribution against her, she is pulled into the Otherworld against her will.  She is given a quest: she has nine days to locate the gate that will allow her to return to the mortal world.

But the laws of the capricious fae are calculated to work against mortals and keep them trapped forever in their realm.  There is temptation at every turn, and even if Khiara does not give in, there is still a chance that the devious prince will go back on his word.

For the fae may change the rules of the game on a whim, and the prince has already set a seemingly impossible condition on Khiara’s quest for freedom…

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Even death doesn't erase the past.

Shiva is a vampire who would rather let go of the painful memories of her past. Unfortunately, a piece of her past walks back into her life in the form of a vampire slayer named Desmond. Even as they become lovers, Shiva holds him at arm's length for fear of secrets being revealed. Desmond sets out to understand why Shiva is so guarded and self-protective, and ultimately uncovers all of the details of a murderous plot set in motion by the organization in which he had so much faith.

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