Coins that Brought the Greatest Returns to Their Investors

The crypto market has had its ups and downs in 2021. Bitcoin, for example, first reached a historic record but then stabilized its rate. But most of the profits were brought to investors not long ago by Bitcoin or Ethereum, but by these five black horses.

Telcoin (TEL)

Telcoin is a crypto project focused on mobile money transfers. It competes with such giants as Western Union and MoneyGram. The official cryptocurrency of the project is the Telcoin token, which has grown by 14,000{b71134cd71e05ae7120f8e61aa5508b688bf1f18bdf63944e281cfe2549227c9} in 2021. Despite this growth, it is still cheap at just $0.023 per coin, of which there are 54 billion in circulation.

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon, formerly Matic Network, is a platform for creating and running blockchain programs. Its official cryptocurrency is the MATIC token, which has grown by 6,000{b71134cd71e05ae7120f8e61aa5508b688bf1f18bdf63944e281cfe2549227c9} in 2021. There are 6.3 billion of them in circulation.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin is a meme cryptocurrency that tends to rise from tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Joking aside, Dogecoin has been used to promote charity and has also served as a medium of exchange. In July 2021, this cryptocurrency grew by 5000{b71134cd71e05ae7120f8e61aa5508b688bf1f18bdf63944e281cfe2549227c9}.

PancakeSwap (CAKE)

It is a Decentralized Finance project powered by the Binance crypto exchange, powered by a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Its official token is CAKE, which gained 2,700{b71134cd71e05ae7120f8e61aa5508b688bf1f18bdf63944e281cfe2549227c9} in 2021.

Solana (SOL)

Solana is a blockchain that competes with Ethereum to provide a platform for running DeFi programs. It has its DeFi platform called Solrise. The SOL token has grown by over 2000{b71134cd71e05ae7120f8e61aa5508b688bf1f18bdf63944e281cfe2549227c9} in 2021. Its goal is to create an open, accessible and transparent ecosystem of financial services that works independently of the government.

How to Choose Coin to Invest In?

It is important to consider the following indicators:

  • Rank. The place that the coin occupies in the rating by capitalization.
  • Cost. It’s best to buy cheap cryptocurrencies. So there is a high probability that the rate will go up.
  • Market capitalization. How many coins are available in total, the figure is not accurate, but the indicator is very important, according to which the rating of all cryptocurrencies is compiled.
  • Volatility. How quickly the price of currency changes. For long-term investments, it is better to choose volatile coins.

No matter how reliable the cryptocurrency is, you still cannot trust it 100{b71134cd71e05ae7120f8e61aa5508b688bf1f18bdf63944e281cfe2549227c9} of the investment. It is better to distribute the money among several instruments, so you can reduce the risks of losses. Remember that cryptocurrencies are a very risky type of investment, the price can change at any time, it all depends on many factors and news.