Steampunk Radio Show: Sounds of Steam

There are many wonderful podcasts out there in the aether, but there is only one live weekly steampunk radio show, and that is Sounds of Steam

A mix of radio morning show and late night talk show, Sounds of Steam is like having a steampunk convention brought to your computer live every Monday night at 9 p.m. EST. Though if Monday nights are not convenient for you, the broadcast is also uploaded in recorded/podcast form for your listening pleasure. Even though I co-host the show every week, I also subscribe via iTunes so I can listen after the fact and hear all the music.

The first two hours of the show are devoted to the week's topic and any guests we have. Our format is a very casual, laid-back one. We start off with a toast and then go into the topic. We break it up with our This Week in History segment, as well as a few songs. After that, we go into our music hour and, yes, we do try to build a playlist that fits the week's theme. Though the show is steampunk-centric, we do tend to touch on many topics and references in popular "geek" culture too.

We interact live with our audience via Twitter and Facebook through the week's event page during the show. We also encourage our guests to do the same. The format of the show depends on the guests. Sometimes we have panel discussions and sometimes we have a casual chat. Some episodes are random and silly, whereas others are educational.

Some of our lovely, fun, and witty guests have included K.W. Jeter, Gail Carriger, Professor Elemental, Mark Rossmore, Eric Larson (aka Lord Bobbins), Kevin Steil (aka Airship Ambassador), Lisa Hager, and Diana Pho, just to name a few. We have talked books and music, making and crafting, community and social issues.

So there you have it. Every week you can tune in and bring a steampunk mini-con into the comfort of your own home!

~Steampunk Snark~

Simon moved to stand in the doorway of the library. “What are you going to tell Mr. Christie about his clock?”

“Well… I rather hope ‘I’m sorry, but it exploded’ will be sufficient.” -- The Chronos Clock

~Upcoming Releases~

Steampunk for Simpletons - March 2014
The Enigma Engine, Book 3 of The Aetheric Artifacts - June 9, 2014

~Projects in Progress~

Steampunk/urban fantasy novel
YA steampunk fantasy novel

~Next Episodes of Sounds of Steam~

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March 10, 2014 - Bachelors & Gentlemen: Being a Single Man in the Steampunk Scene